When we were young
we had simple ways
we had no demons
to haunt our days.
Enemies were few
and far between.
We took for granted
the rippling
of the country stream.
Without fail
the bully came
to shove and fight.
And though the solution
silly and trite,
we had to run
or make a stand,
so with our toe we drew
a line in the sand

Hey boy!
Cross over this line
and your ass is mine.
I'll send you home
to mummy crying.
But to be a man
you had to swing;
man that black eye
was a life-changin' thing.

In innocence
we grew up
and went to war;
we had no idea
what was in store.
We fought for truth
and for freedom's rights,
we battled for our sanity
as we hid our fright.

As warriors
we fought with honor,
we fought to win.
Our own nation thought
we were lost in sin.
Many dies because
they took a stand;
they stepped over that line
drawn in the sand.

Time moves on;
years have passed
but the past still lives.
This generation has forgotten
what we can't forgive.
So we carry the scars
and we hide them from view
'til the bully shows up
to challenge you.

Hey! Old man
you fought and killed
and let villages burn.
You made it home...
Some never returned.

I am here to remind you
so you won't forget!
I will keep you bound
by your own regret.

There is a choice;
you can put it off
But it's a choice
that must be made.
You can bury it now
or take it with you
to your eternal grave.

It's time to face
the dreadful dragon of guilt;
to bury the sword into its heart
clear up to the hilt.

To have the victory
You must first understand,
that it is


who must draw
the line in the sand!

Richard D. Preston

Page created: Saturday, 27 May 2000

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