October 15th, 1966,
Quang Tri

South Vietnam


Dear Mom,

In the distance Green Angels fly
Hovering above the earth
escorting home, those who die

They fly in to a hot zone quick as light
without any regard
for their own well-being or their own life

Their visits are often to us unknown
and bring welcomed supplies
and messages written from home

The sound of their blades sets them apart
flown by Men
with a true warriors heart

These Angels rescue the wounded during a fight
And we watch with sadness
as they fly off in the night

A friend, now gone and silent forever
takes to the air
another life and relationship severed

As you can see Mom, this is a simple letter
Written on a wrinkled paper bag
I wish it could have been better

But time for me is slipping away
for you see I'll be boarding
that green Angel...

Please don't be sad, easier said than done
and when you hear a green angel above
Look to the Sun

I will be safe aboard, and all will be well
For this mighty green Angel
Has taken me to Heaven and delivered me from hell.

Your Marine

Richard D. Preston
©June 2000

Page created: Sunday, 11 June 2000

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