I Remember it well
the day they fell
on a sweep in Vietnam
out of nowhere it came.

Bullets hit like rain
as we dug in for our very lives
under attack,
no turning back!
The air was filled with cries.

Those who were left
were surrounded with death
and we searched the trees
with vacant eyes.
We got up and charged
four at a time
then three,
then two
had survived.

I remember them well
and I always will;
they gave their lives for mine!

Some say Memorial day
means Bar-B-Ques
and hot apple pie.
But for those on the wall
it means nothing at all
if we fail to remember
without tears in our eyes....

Instead of hoisting a beer
send up a cheer,
for a job well done.

Here's to the men on the wall
who gave us their all
so we could have
one more day
in the sun...

Richard D. Preston
Memorial Day
©May 28, 2000

Page created: Saturday, 27 May 2000

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