Hello darkness it's me again
sleep evades me as the memories begin
eyes wide open and staring into the past
thirty four years and still traveling back.

One would think as the years roll by
that the heart would heal and the tears would dry,
that the sounds of war would fade away
but the stage is set and the drama plays.

The backdrop is always a jungle theme
the distant hills are filled with screams
the night is filled with tracer lights
Good men die for others rights.

This one act play never ends
as soon as it's finished it repeats again
I know the script it reads the same
I know by heart the players names.

Their faces remembered but not in fame
ever illuminated in pain and flame.
The villain is death and he holds the deed;
he laughs wickedly as the warriors bleed.

There is no Hero to right the wrong;
the grip of death remains to strong.
Try as I may and try as I might
sleep will escape me again this night.

The curtain will close with the break of day
only to rise in the darkness to repeat the play
Hello darkness it's me again;
sleep evades me as the memories begin...

Richard Boon

Page created: Saturday, 27 May 2000

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