I'm going to a re-union today
I'm not sure what I'll do or say
Thirty years is a long, long time
Lots to say and to put behind

As I'm walking I see the place we'll meet;
it's on an unfamiliar street.
Many have met here in the past
Memories are made here
memories that last!

There are flowers and wreaths, pictures and more;
tear stained letters, weathered and torn.
It's an unlikely place to meet an old friend
but we just never knew how it would end.

I had to come; I've got things to say;
I just wish there was some other way.
To say I have missed you! seems out of place
I wish we were able to speak face to face.

Sleep well my friend, I will return
to weep at this Wall of Black once again
You know that my heart has always been true
Semper Fidelis my Friend; I'll never forget you.

Richard D. Preston

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