To live Hell on earth we must walk through hot flames
Share in the torments, feel all the pain
Fight in life's battles, hear the pained screams
As the shrill sounds of war pierce the deepest of dreams...

We must exist in the moment yet dwell on the past
Mans inhumanity's weight upon our shoulders is cast
We tried not to burden; we put it aside
But each year that passed we died a little inside.

We found comfort of sorts in a Black Granite Wall
As rivers of tears connect one and all...

We are living proof of a generation scorned
From deep in our breasts - leaden hearts were torn
We can live with the fear and carry guilt to the grave...

If we could just see peace upon a child's face!

For this is cause that we chose not to tell
So we stood
Bound in silence
Enduring the flames of Hell...

Richard D. Preston
©January 3, 2000

Page created: Saturday, 27 May 2000

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Hiding Place



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