The American Flag we so proudly fly
in honor of country and soldiers who have died
seems to have lost some glory along the way
we take for granted that it shall forever wave

Red runs through our Flag as the color of blood
Blue for the heavens where God sends His love
The stars are as angels keeping watch in the night
White stands for hope and for this cause we fight

Our hearts should sink when Old Glory's in flames
as it is torched and torn by those with no shame
They mock it and soil it and leave it in shreds
as our country's honor hangs by a thread

We must awake and rekindle our patriots dream
pick up her pieces and re-stitch her seams
Fly Old Glory from the ramparts on high
Love it or leave it, for this Flag we've died

Lets pledge our alegiance to the Red, White and Blue
Through great wars our colors have always flown true
The American Spirit shall shine like the Sun
One Nation under God and under God we are one

Richard D. Preston

Page created: Saturday, 27 May 2000

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