I bolted upright in bed one night
With an eye's wide open stare
I awoke from a terrible dream
That our Flag was no longer there

America's freedom was gone
And clouds covered the Sun
All the bells of liberty
Have now ceased to be rung

The grand Statue of Liberty
Was tarnished and coated with rust
The pearly white crosses of Arlington
Were caked with years of dust

The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
Looked so vacant and forlorn
Then I saw Old Glory...
Burnt,  shredded and torn

I saw no other Soldiers
Nor Veterans of the past
No one stood by the  Granite Wall
It appears it had seen it's last

That proud generation had died
Our young were never told
Of the sacrifice for freedom
By the war torn Veterans of old

I returned to the Tomb of the Unknown
And gathered up our precious Flag
That once flew so proudly
Now, Red White and Blue rags

I folded the torn shreds gently
And held them closely to my chest
How this tragedy happened
This former veteran could only guess

I believe deep in my heart 
Our country abandoned special days
And when the last Veteran died
Honor went with him to the grave

Though this was only a dream
And Old Glory continues to fly
How many paid her homage today
As by Her colors they pass by?

Do all men see our heritage?
Do the Free truly understand?
Would Old Glory even be noticed?
If Flag Day, was not  planned?

Boondocker, Flag Day/2000

Richard D. Preston
©June 10, 2000

Page created: Saturday, 10 June 2000

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America The Beautiful



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