Each step I take has been taken before
by some war torn Vet on a distant shore.

Each memory buried and each tear that falls,
in each heart that has built invisible walls
must one day crumble and be brought to the ground
lest we drown in our tears and in despair we be found.

We walked not alone; we crawled not in vain;
we've suffered with others, though we're selfish with pain.
For we think that our burdens are too great to share
afraid to reach out lest we find no-one there.

Yet out of the darkness comes a comforting hand;
a faint glimmer of hope gives us strength to stand.
It's then we are lifted upon Angel's wings
and a quiet voice whispers,

“Ponder these things”

“I have walked the same road, while bearing a cross.
I have shed my life's Blood and have suffered great loss.
I've lived in life's poverty though I were a King
My crown was of thorns; I have tasted death's sting.”

“Before you had traveled this bloody road of war,
I was beaten and scourged, my flesh torn with thorn.
My child, you'll never walk where I have not been;
I'll never ask you to live your torments again.”

“Remember, it's my peace I would  give unto you
and my love I give freely to carry you through.
Follow the footprints of those warriors gone before;
they no longer suffer the pangs of war!”

“Remember each step you take, has been taken before
by some war-torn Vet on MY distant shore...”

Richard D. Preston
©May 2000

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