Bushranger my friend
you don't walk alone
there are thousands of blokes
who still can't find their way home

Their hell is branded deep
searing their souls;
not wanted, but still burning
from a war not their own

We hear shots that aren't there,
we see ghosts from the past.
Dwelling in darkness,
we sail our ships at half mast.

Ever seeking our peace
but we cannot prevail.
Not guilty but condemned
to travel the road of travail.

Link arms with the brothers
who walk the same road;
the burden ain't heavy
when we all share the load.

We have strength in our weakness
and gain pride in our pain.
We have dignity with humility
'cos inside we're the same.

We can have honor in shame,
beginnings with out ends;
we've earned those somber rights!
We're Vietnam Veterans

Written for my friend
Anthony W. Pahl
an Australian Warrior

Richard D. Preston

Page created: Saturday, 27 May 2000

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White Shade Of Pale



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