" Or not, to be "

The magnitude of solitude
Is such a gripping release
The confinement of escape
Struggling  to find peace

The external betrays the internal
As the masks of comedy and gloom
Seeking shelter while exposed
In a glass house of round rooms

A waterless Oasis
A desert without sand
A sky without stars
Music without a band
Gold without value
Honor without fear
Action without reaction
Things holy not revered

Friends appear only to disappear
Our gain is apparent in loss
Removed from the present
Emotions sifted as dross

The toll of all war
Is paid by a token of sacrifice
Tossed into the pit of deception
A nations blood rights

The rewards of its victors
Are cloth ribbons and tears
The sounds of battle never fade
They remain fresh through the years

In the thunderous halls of silence
Amid the blackness of our dreams
We lay and wait in the shadows

To Be....

Boon 6/10/2001