What Think Ye Of Me?


When you gaze into my eyes

Do you the Horror see?

The pain of battle etched upon my soul

And the longing to be free


When you speak unto my ears

Do you fear there will be no reply

If I seem distant at times to thee

Fear not,

I shall return from whence I fly


When you touch my fettered brow

And if  I seem to draw away

Take no offence, I mean no harm

My emotions are bound by chains



When my past  appears so suddenly

And my present  fades to war

I cannot explain nor do I make excuse

I have not the power to close that door



When the flames of hell subside

And my senses return to me,

What things were said?  

what deeds were done?



What must Ye think of Me?


A never ending question for those Brothers and SistersWith  PTSD. When I first returned Home from Vietnam I suffered the effects of war before theyhad a name for it. I could see the confusion written upon the face of my loved ones. I could not explain it to them. To this day I have no answers. To this day they still stand by my side.


When the question arises...


"What Must Ye Think Of me"

I receive this reply.


I Think I Love Thee.


I wish you Freedom & Peace My Friends.


~ Boondocker ~