Courageous, Relentless, Fearless, 
These Men....

Our Guardians, that we called "Doc"In the heat of battles they appeared unaware of their own danger 
to treat and deliver us from shock. We lay bleeding, on the edge of death Life oozing from our veins
Somehow, some way, they managed to stitch us together and ease the pain.

I have not seen bravery such as this since the hill battles of Vietnam, taking bullets to shield their Brothers
Corpsmen died, protecting us from harm.

When the choppers came for his wounded he would watch with deep concern, he had done his best, 
Now it was up to the rest, inside his heart would burn.

Here's to Our courageous Corpsmen, who fought and died beside "The Few".
Thank you relentless Warriors, We could not have survived without you.

Honor is to be given and much honor is due, as Marines we raise a sharp salute 
God without question gave us guardian angels In the form of the Corpsman HM2.....

Hells fire and brimstone could not deter these Corpsmen from reaching their wounded.  At times risking their own life in the midst of heavy gunfire and explosions that covered every inch of ground. Marines lay bleeding, Calling for his "Doc"  And he came, often shielding the wounded with his own body under these intense circumstances, He continued unselfishly at the risk of his own life to save the dying and wounded. 

Heroes in their own right, 

yet they would deny that fact.

Some have died saving others...

Courage unequalled.

Thank You seems hardly enough.

Boondocker 6/2000