" Baby Killers, Was this the only recognition we deserved?"

Remember Us?

We are the ones you spit upon
while you called us filthy names
We watched you as you tore our flag
and sent it up in flames

You cared not that we died for you,
you said we died in vain
58,000 Soldiers gave their lives,
so you could live your dreams

We are the ones you have forsaken
you said we caused you shame
We fought the war in Vietnam
so you could have someone to blame

As protesters you had no cause
but to chant and rant and rave
Was it worth the Blood we shed
as you turned and walked away?

We are the ones you have forgotten
and hoped that we'd forget
But the years have passed slowly by
and we live with no regrets

You can block us from your memories
Deny us one and all
But you can't deny the Hero's names
that are written on the Wall..

Copyright Richard D Preston