Corpsman up!


I CAN HEAR 'EM COMING Marine, hold on! You're gonna make it. Talk to me; you got the million dollar wound, you'll be going home.


What's that your saying? Man stop talking crazy; it's a scratch nothing more. Here, have a hit off my smoke, take a little of my water. Cold? Yeah it's the night chill; you know how it is!


Jesus, you're shaking like a leaf; I'll keep you warm with this poncho. Where the hell is the Doc?

 Corpsman...! We got a man hit over here, he needs help!

Shit! Incoming! I'll cover your six no sweat GI. We in the shit but the Choppers are coming so hang in there Bro. Damn thick canopy! We gotta move you to the clearing Bro. Don't sweat the small shit. We've been suckin' wind before, we ain't no cherrys. Soon we'll pop a smoke and you'll be on your way to the land of the round eye. Bet you can't wait to get back to the world. Bet yo...shit!

Wake up!

What's your name Marine? Where are you? Come back here - Freedom birds close...

 Doc!  Doc!

Listen to my voice Gyrene; don't fade on me. You're a short timer in the Nam now. Come on, look at me!...

Can't put death on hold
so I've been told,
I've seen more young men die
than I have old

Living 'neath the tree's
Napalm in the breeze
50 caliber choppin'
Men droppin' to their knees

Pop a green,
Pop a red,
makes no difference
to the dead

Chopper on the wind
Fire spittin' from the twins
Hot extraction
Gonna live to fight again

Holdin' my Brother
Pain in my chest
Freaking Charley killed
Another of America's best

Got some!
Gave some!
Saved some !
Lost some!

Richard D. Preston