American born

American born

Under the red white and blue

He was no one special

From his point of view


He grew up in a small town

Just an average Joe

But when his country called

He was willing to go


He joined the Marines

The Few and the Proud

His actions and words

Didn't speak very loud


Then he went to war

Near the DMZ

Fought for his life

And the land of the free


He fought in the jungle

He fought in the streams

He fought on the hillsides

He fought through the screams


He saw life taken

Took some of his own

Had some taken from him

He never whimpered or groaned


He returned to his hometown

No parade or fanfare

His friends turned their backs

Said you shouldn't have went there


He endured the ridicule

From a nation without care

He sealed his own soul

With the thousand yard stare